Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is the "Master" Bedroom Gone For Good?

A Beautiful Master Retreat in Loveland, Colo.

According to Michael Neibauer, in his recent article, In Residential Real Estate, Bid Farewell to the 'Master Bedroom,' featured in the Washington Business Journal, after surveying 10 major Washington area home builders, six no longer use the term "master" on floor plans. The term has instead been replaced with "owner's suite" or "owner's bedroom." The article traces this trend to negative connotations associated with the word "master," which implies masculinity and ownership of  another. However, even with builders making an attempt at political correctness, the new terminology  hasn't tricked down quite yet. Neibauer  says, after an unscientific poll of  local area homeowners, none surveyed could "recall a real estate agent referring to the "owner's bedroom." It was "master" across the board." So what is the future of our beloved "master" bedroom? We have seen many of our clients following this trend too.

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