Friday, May 13, 2016

More Affordable Houses to be Added in Stapleton!

Housing attainability in Denver has been a huge topic of discussion lately and we were excited to see this great project. Rather than relying primarily on value engineering and product right sizing which we are all very versed at, it's encouraging to see creative and collaborative solutions like Forest City and thrive's Elements Collection at Stapleton.

In 2000, Forest City agreed to dedicate one-tenth of the homes sold in the master planned community to affordable units. To date just over 300  homes (less than 5% of the total) have been built that meet this criteria. So how can they possibly meet their goal with Denver's crazy housing market over the next five years? To start, Forest City Stapleton, thrive Home Builders, and the city of Denver are teaming up to build 165 townhomes all priced under $200,000.  Forest City is giving thrive the land, a hug money saver, and thrive it using it's 13 years of building experience in Stapleton to cut building costs in every way they can. The Elements Collection will be the largest affordable development in Stapleton and will certainly help Forest City to hit its goal. 

To find out more about thrive's Elements collection click here.