Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Faces at Godden | Sudik Architects

With so much new work this past year Godden|Sudik Architects found ourselves needing to hire enough people to double in size! We are very pleased that we found such great people to join our team and would like to welcome our most recent team members Lindsay Slavin and Tim Williams.

Lindsay recently graduated with a Masters of Architecture from the University of Kansas where, in addition to her stateside studies, she was able to complete a study abroad in Spain and France. In addition to her worldly travels, Lindsay brings many prestigious awards from her collegiate career including: 1st place in the Inaugural Nurture Competition and Honorable Mention 2012 AIAS @ SAGE Renewing Home Student Design Competition. Additionally, Lindsay brings her knowledge in Revit and Adobe Creative Suite to aid in the teams’ construction documentation and graphic design.

After Tim completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering at Colorado State University, he worked for architectural firms in the Lake Tahoe area as a designer and project manager. During his employment in California, Tim managed high-end vacation and estate projects throughout the state of California that implemented heavy timber, mountain vernacular and pier construction. Tim’s experience with these unique construction methods and project management allows Godden|Sudik Architects to continue to offer its custom home clients the best in design and construction documentation. To continue growing as an architect and designer, Tim received his master of Architecture degree at the University of Colorado Denver while also obtaining his LEED AP professional credentials. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inspire Littleton

For those of you interested in a great website that helps you get involved in how your community is shaped, is the perfect website for you, especially if you're a resident of Littleton, CO!!! This website is an open forum that serves as a sort of "online town hall meeting" that you can join to view, vote and contribute on topics that will affect the future of Littleton's development. The site discusses issues big and small with people posting about things like why they love Littleton's parks to which area of the city you think new housing should be built.

Before and After of Cafe Terracotta

Being close neighbors to Littleton, Godden|Sudik Architects has helped in some of the cities more recent development. In downtown Littleton, we took an old historic home and carefully rehabilitated it to blend with the surrounding community and transformed it into the beautiful Cafe Terracotta at 5649 S. Curtice Street. Outside of downtown, in an adjacent older neighborhood, Godden|Sudik designed two infill homes to fit within the existing neighborhood. These homes featured all the classical elements of the surrounding neighborhood, but with upgraded interior amenities, such as an energy inefficiency geothermal system. Most recently, we have designed multiple homes in the Brookhaven development that keep with the character and integrity of Littleton's neighborhoods while integrating excellent design that Godden|Sudik Architects is known for as leading residential Colorado architects.

If you are interested in becoming active in Littleton's development, we encourage you to go online at or by joining them tonight at the City Council Chambers at Littleton Center (from 6:30 - 8:30.