Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Godden Sudik Project Published in Denver Life Magazine

Scott Sudik, AIA and Lead Designer at Godden Sudik Architects, was the mastermind behind this award winning one of a kind Tuscan home.


The beautiful rear elevation of this stunning Tuscan Villa.

Built for custom clients wanting a true Tuscan Villa, this stunning home is as authentic as they come. Scott Sudik, principal at Godden Sudik Architects, worked closely with the home owners, builder and interior designer to achieve a cohesive Tuscan look and feel. He says in the recent article published in Denver Life, " the clients has strong ideas about what they wanted. They desired a strong Tuscan theme and a house that would take advantage of the views of the golf course." Mickey Ackerman of AMIROB Interiors also commented to say, "The plan was to create different environments - different generations - of architecture. That is keeping with the true Tuscan style."

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Friday, August 9, 2013

A 47 Story Skyscraper Without an Elevator?

Forty-seven flights of stairs? Who wants to live in the penthouse?!
In Benidorm, Spain, a  47 story skyscraper is being constructed without a working elevator. The Intempo skyscraper, a supposed symbol of hope and prosperity, was originally conceived as a 20 story building. When developers decided  to double the building's height no one considered redesigning the elevator to accommodate the additional 27 floors. Now they are stuck with a 47 story building with not enough space for the elevator lifts and motor equipment. A plan to remedy this massive problem has not be developed yet. 

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