Monday, July 21, 2014

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Small House

This cute little 1,900 square foot house built by Berkeley Homes has won both local and national awards!

In an article written by Heather Levin of U.S. News & World Report, she explains why small homes are making a big come back! Taking a  look back you'll see that smaller homes historically were the norm for most Americans. In 1950, the average home size was 983 square feet compared to 2004, at the height of the building boom, where the average home size was 2,340 square feet. There's no doubt that small homes are seeing a resurgence as people realize how great they can be. Here are five reason Levin says you should consider a small home:

1. Small homes cost less. Think about what it costs to heat and cool a 3,000-square foot behemoth. Home-improvement projects such as repainting the exterior, replacing the roof or changing the flooring cost more because of the size of these homes.
Small homes, on the other hand, reduce expenses because of their size. A small home has smaller rooms to heat and cool, less square footage on the outside to paint and a smaller roof. You also save money on property taxes, since you have less square footage.
2. Small homes save time. It takes a significant amount of time to clean a big house and maintain the yard.
Living in a small home means you spend less time, week after week, on housecleaning and other home maintenance.
3. Smaller homes make it easier to live simply. When you have a smaller home, you have less space to store belongings. You are forced to make choices about what you keep and what you donate, sell or give away.
4. Smaller homes mean quality splurges. It costs a small fortune to upgrade countertops or replace cabinets and appliances in a restaurant-sized kitchen. Living in a small house means you can splurge on quality upgrades because you have less to buy.
5. Small homes may be easier to sell. Energy costs continue to rise. That means energy-efficient homes, especially small energy-efficient homes, will be in high demand in the future.

Perhaps next time you're in the market for a new home you'll consider a small home with all its time and cost savings over a McMansion!

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