Tuesday, October 3, 2017

GSA Wins Project of the Year!!

GSA together with Viaggio Homes took home Project of the Year for our Ravenna Wine Cave at this year's annual CARE Awards! We are beyond excited to be singled out by the judges as the best of the best. Thanks to Viaggio Homes and Vic Moss Photography for building and shooting such an awesome project. The Ravenna Wine Cave also won Specialty Room and Luxury Basement. GSA also won Silvers in both the Addition and Whole House Remodel.

Jen Jess, Gary Godden, and Don Gibson celebrated at the CARE Awards.

Friday, August 11, 2017

A New Place to Call Home

After designing spaces for others over the past 25 years we thought it about time to design one for ourselves. Last night we celebrated 25 years of success at our open house showcasing our new beautiful office. Thanks to all who have helped us get to where we are today.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Annual Ravenna Home Tour May 5th-7th

PMs Heather Murphy, Scott Roberts, and Brenda Harvey previewed the homes this morning.
Don't miss the annual Ravenna Luxury Home Tour this weekend! Open AND free to the public, tour 9 beautiful custom homes, 6 designed by Godden Sudik! The tour runs Friday May 5th through Sunday May 7th from 10am-5pm and includes homes from Sterling Custom Homes, Jackson Design Build, Platinum Homes, Thomas Sattler Homes, Hollister Michales, and Timeless Properties . For more information  click here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

GSA Appears in Colorado Expressions

Godden|Sudik Architects is featured in the April/May issue of Colorado Expressions! Colorado Expression is a bi-monthly lifestyle publication which celebrates the best in Colorado. Their spring issue includes a special section titled Architecture & Design of the West. This section features beautiful spaces and the people who design, live, and work in them. GSA is thrilled to see the firm profiled in the 2017 April/May edition! To see the full article click here and flip through to page 90.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Homes in Denver Are "Flying Off the Shelves!"

In a recent article written in the Denver Business Journal addressing the current Denver Housing Market, homes are reportedly, "flying off the shelves." Homes are averaging less than two weeks on the market, a month faster than national rates. Homes values have also increased 10% over the past year, also above national averages. Due to the high demand for homes, Denver is seeing a limited selection of for sale homes frustrating home buyers and putting immense pressure on the market. A local  Redfin broker said it's rare to see a house priced under $300,000 not be purchased with all cash! It truly is a seller's market in Denver.

To read the full Denver Business Journal article click here.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Celebrating 25 Years

Today marks a milestone in Godden|Sudik Architects' history; today GSA turns 25! We truly owe our success to the wonderful staff, clients, and consultants that have helped us grow over the past 25 years. Thinking back to all the projects we have been a part of, we honestly could not have done it on our own, and we will forever be grateful for all the meaningful relationships we have developed along the way. After countless completed projects, and plenty of national and local awards, it's the people we have met who have inspired us to keep doing what we do. Looking back through the archives, take a look at some of our favorite projects below!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Brick Coursing: Three Ways to Lay Brick

With the always present masonry requirements of the many municipalities and design review committees, Godden|Sudik designers have become more creative in their use of large amounts of brick by using different brick coursing. Although there are many different ways to lay brick, recently, our designers have used three different brick coursing patterns, the stacking bond, the running bond and the Flemish bond to add a little variety and interest.

The most common brick coursing that is used in the field and in our office is the running bond. This style has the first row of bricks placed so that the long end of the brick goes across the row. The next row up is where the running bond starts, by starting the next long brick in the middle of the brick on the row below it. This pattern continues up the wall, subsequently making the first odd numbered rows match and the even numbered rows match. This type of coursing easily allows for bricks to be cut and removed at doors and windows.
Running Bond

Another recently used brick coursing is the stacking bond. The first row starts the same as the running bond but then the deviates at the second row. Instead of the second row of bricks being offset by half of the brick below it, it is stacked directly on top of the brick below it, all the way up the wall. This creates a very distinct grid pattern with all the bricks and mortar lining up in long rows and columns.

Stacked Bond

The last brick coursing that has been used recently is the Flemish bond. This coursing starts with one brick being laid long ways, followed by a brick being cut in half and the end of the brick, facing out, being placed next in the row. This then continues along the row; long then short end, long then short end. Somewhat like the running bond, the Flemish bond starts the second row, opposite of the first with the short end being placed first and the long end following that to the end of the row; short end then long, short end then long. 

Flemish Bond