Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We would like to congratulate Rick Sall, designer at Godden|Sudik Architects, for having one of his wonderful designs featured in the Fall 2012 LUXE Magazine!

The homes design was focused around an open floor plan and around the unique items the owner has collected as an apparel and accessory business specialist. There was a desire to give the home a low profile, so Rick utilized design techniques favored by Frank Lloyd Wright to help blend the home with its surrounding landscape. The home (pictured above) does a wonderful job of accomplishing this!

To read the article featured in the Fall 2012 LUXE Magazine, please click here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day and the White House

Whether you are voting Democrat or Republican this election, we thought it would be fun to do a little trivia on the White House!

Here are some architectural facts that you might or might not know about the President's House:
Location: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Year Build: 1793 - 1801
Square Feet: 55,000
Architect: James Hoban
Architectural Style: Georgian Neoclassical
First President to Live in the White House: President John Adams (1800)
White House Dimensions: 168 feet long x 85 feet 6 inches wide without porticoes; 152 feet wide with
Height: 70 feet
Number of Rooms: 132; 16 guest rooms, 1 main kitchen, 1 diet kitchen, 1 family kitchen and 35 bathrooms
Number of Doors: 412
Number of Windows: 147
Number of Fireplaces: 28
Staircases: 8
Elevators: 3

Other Fun Facts:
  • The kitchen can serve up to 140 for dinner
  • It takes more than 570 gallons of paint to cover the outside alone
  • The White House has survived two fires
  • Besides the traditional dog, other pets to reside at the White House were; tiger cubs, an alligator, a bear and a hippo, a tobacco-chewing ram and a heard of elephants

We hope that you have enjoyed these fun facts and that you go to the polls and vote!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Haunted Architecture!

As you walk door to door tonight trick-o-treating we hope you come across some spooky architecture. Check out these great haunted places. Do you recognize any of them?

We hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!