Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Famous Holdouts and Nail Houses

Holdouts, also fondly referred to as "nail houses" in China , are stubborn owners who refuse to sell or holdout for such a high price when a new development moves in that the new building is forced to proceed without them relocating. There are famous examples of these rather humorous situations around the world nicely pictured and described in an article appropriately titled , "Hell No We Won't Go! Homeowners Who Won't Budge," featured on msn. To read the full article and see other famous holdouts click here.

 Located in east China's Zhejiang province this is one of the most famous nail house. When a duck farmer and his wife refused to sell the newly constructed road when up around their home.

There appears to be a  holdout right here in Godden Sudik's backyard... As Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village began construction it became obvious that the recently closed Grease Monkey was not going to be part of the new dealership. Now complete, the vacant former quick lube takes up the rather awkward north-west corner of what could, and probably should, be part of Kuni Lexus.

This aerial photo taken during construction perfectly shows the holdout.