Friday, July 20, 2012

Helpful links for Waldo Fire Victims

In a continued effort to get information out to those affected by the Waldo Canyon fire we have listed a few more links below that we thought might be helpful.

The Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs (HBA)  has posted some helpful posts about how to rebuild, how to pick the right contractor, and how to avoid scams in the process.To view this information, please click hereAlthough it may be customary to obtain multiple bids during a typical construction project, the HBA is encouraging homeowners to use their approved member directory as an efficient and reliable method for choosing a reputable contractor/architect/engineer in lieu of a long bidding process.
  Here is a link to the directory of approved companies through the Colorado Springs HBA that can help you with your rebuild. To view this information, please click here.

Additionally, some frequently asked questions with topics about debris removal, disaster recovery centers, fire terms, insurance, etc. can be found here

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