Friday, July 27, 2012

HBF to the Rescue!

The Home Builders Foundations provides accessibility solutions and home modifications for individuals with disabilities and financial need through the collaborated efforts of the home building industry.  Recently, they received a phone call from a recipient/patient being release from the hospital. With the patient being released in only a few days and needing a ramp to enter their home, the HBF went to work! With such a tight turn around, the HBF decided to go with a modular aluminum ramp that they were able to install in a day!!!

The Home Builders Foundation hopes to be able to install a permanent ramp for the recipient during their annual ramp Blitz Build. This event takes place from September 6-8 and you can help by either going to and making a donation or by volunteering your time.

To learn more about the HBF or to learn how to donate your time, please visit

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