Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Micro-Housing : How Small is Too Small?

This 108 square foot pre fab Bunkie comes complete with fireplace and chimney.

Whether it be a Bunkie, a LoftCube or a Micro Compact Home these tiny homes are providing affordable, efficient, Eco-friendly options to buyers willing to give up a little space. But how small is too small? Could you live in a home totaling 108 square feet? That's smaller than most people's bedroom!

LoftCube with awesome views.

 Micro Compact home with interior shots.

Although smaller homes with flex spaces made for multiple uses are trending right now, these tiny tiny homes are most likely too small for most people. It's probably a safe bet to say most buyers still want a designated sleeping area and although Micro-Housing is giving a new look to open concept living, these cute little houses are still too modern a concept for the masses.

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